Basic Checklist for How to Rank in Google Places

 Article from Web Market Today - Written by Chris Silver Smith


How to rank in Google Local Searches:

Google Place Search, and Google Maps is mystifying to many small business owners. I’ve tried to cut through the complexity and misinformation with this simple checklist.

If you’re wondering how to enable your business to rank well when people search for your products and services in your city and area, these tips can help you establish yourself pretty thoroughly. Since many businesses do a poor or haphazard job of optimizing themselves to be found in local search results, just following the steps in this checklist may position you for some of the top rankings for your type of business in your city.

This checklist is in rough order of importance, and some of the steps are a bit sequential. So follow the list in order.

How to Rank in Google Places Checklist


If you’re in a hotly contested category and market area, you might have to go to a lot more effort than merely accomplishing these basics. Just think about it. If you’re in a city where there are hundreds or thousands of businesses similar to yours, and Google only displays the top seven businesses on the first page of search results, chances are good that many of your competitors are also doing the basics. If you need more advanced, aggressive work, consider hiring a professional to assess your local search optimization program and get recommendations and help for improvement.

But, for a great many businesses, these basics will give a leg-up, and even an advantage, since so few companies are doing all of these things or even doing all of them well or consistently. Local SEO isn’t rocket science. But it takes concerted effort and consistency to achieve and keep top rankings.